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C.G.R.D. C.G.R.D. has been active in the tan business since 1997 and holds now a prominent position in the production and commercialization of chemicals for leather treatment. Thank to a team of skilled technicians, C.G.R.D. can offer innovative products designed on the base of a deep knowledge of leather processing.  

Quality of production means to commercialize products at constant efficiency, without underestimating the safety of the workers and the respect for the environment. Continuous and innovation-oriented investments are our commitment to an ecologically consistent development.

Our Customer Care Service is provided by skilled personnel that follows each and every step from logistics to purchase till quality check. Our goal is to supply our Customers with a complete and on-time service: our Customers may rely on us in full.

C.G.R.D. supplies an efficient and fast delivery service.
Any information regarding products characteristics and their usage is quickly released by qualified personnel.
Laboratory activity
C.G.R.D. is always available to suggest customers by making specific tests into our research laboratory. 
Specific products for any need
Upgrading and continuous research of new tailored solutions are a strength of our Company. 
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Custom Satisfaction: this is the ispiration principle under which CGRD has implemented the quality system conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The company has reconfirmed its certification in July 2011.

A company certified according to ISO 9001 guarantees the customer service and a product conforms to contractual terms established within the objectives of the certification.

The perception that one has the final product / service is periodically measured and compared with the expectations of the customer. 

This is used by CGRD to improve the relationship with the customer base.





CGRD in June 2013 has been certified OHSAS 18001:2007, a certification of management systems of the safety and health of workers, as provide by law, a tool for the management of security issues in the company and for the protection of employees’ health.



CGRD for you

C.G.R.D.'s products are classified in the lines ECO-LINE, FATLIQUORS, RETANNING, BEAMHOUSE and SYNTANS that count a vast range of articles.
C.G.R.D.'s products grant high quality performance for leathers of outstanding softness, impermeability and resistance.

C.G.R.D. C.G.R.D. studies and offers the most suitable product to the specific requirements of each customer. Our goal is to make easier the use of the product ensuring the safety of the working place and the achievement of the best results.

C.G.R.D.is always available to assist and to give suggestions to the customer making specific tests on the products. Our research laboratories carry out a number of tests in order to grant the absolute quality of the leather treated with our products.

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Environment, Safety and Health Care


C.G.R.D. has always been focused on the environmental issues and is devoted to adopt strategies aimed at the prevention of pollution and at minimizing environmental risks.

Among our main goals are the safety of our activity and the protection of people and nature.

The correct use of natural resources and the use of environment-friendly technologies make C.G.R.D. possible to melt the success of its products to the safeguard of everybody's health.




EcoWhite® is a natural process for tanning that we have made to make leathers that through their life (whatever article to be manufactured: clothing, shoes, automotive, etc) can be biodegradable and therefore to be friendly to the environment.


EcoWhite® means:

- A natural tanning process free from heavy metals derivates; EcoWhite includes only modified bio-aldheydes that are 100% biodegradable. Leathers will show innovative characteristics and the same leathers shall be easily transformed into carbon dioxide and water, not leaving any trace into the natural life environment, and moreover being a primary natural fertilizer to main processes of all kind ov vegetable matters.

- Environment: the working process is complying with all the effective laws.

- Physical resistance: obtained leathers better bear stresses like tear strength, burst strength and tensile stregth, as well as improved transpiration properties, fastness to steam, and very good perspiration-proof properties.

- Human tolerance: as no heavy metals materials are involved in the used chemicals, leathers and skins, treated by Ecowhite system shall be hypoallergenic competing to usual chrome tanned leathers. Thanks to EcoWhite production system, the treated leathers can be considered as fireproof , and after further specific treatments they can be destined to technical articles

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